Nayee Zindagi Program

Empowering Acid Attack Victims – Nayee Zindagi Program

Nayee Zindagi Program is a social protection policy and the program has long been recognized for its significance in addressing ongoing poverty issues. The core objective of social protection is to bolster the resilience of underprivileged individuals. And enable them to better manage economic and social risks.

In alignment with this vision, the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA), as part of the ‘Punjab Ehsaas Program,’ proudly presents the ‘Nayee Zindagi Program’ tailored specifically for Acid Attack Victims. This program is geared towards the comprehensive rehabilitation of Acid Attack survivors. Encompassing reconstructive surgeries and psychological counseling to facilitate their reintegration into society. In close partnership with the Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, PSPA shoulders the treatment costs.

The Significance of Rehabilitation

Access to a well-structured rehabilitation program can significantly mitigate the aftermath of trauma. Enhance overall health and quality of life, and curtail the reliance on healthcare services. Therefore, our focus on the rehabilitation of Acid Attack Victims plays a pivotal role in empowering them to lead as independent and productive lives as possible within their homes and communities.

Objectives – Nayee Zindagi Program

The ‘Nayee Zindagi Program‘ has been thoughtfully crafted with the following key objectives in mind:

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Safeguarding Social Rights

Prevention of Social Exclusion

Decreasing Vulnerability

The ‘Nayee Zindagi Program’ represents a crucial stride towards mainstreaming the socio-economic status of Acid Attack Victims. Empowering them with the tools they need to rebuild their lives. Through this initiative, we aim to create a brighter and more inclusive future for survivors of acid attacks, promoting their independence and social integration.